Why We Are The Best Exclusive Homes Seller In Paddock Wood

We are a team of highly qualified and licensed real estate professionals who have been in this business segment for several years now. In terms of closed sales, we are by far Paddock Wood’s premier property sales company of choice. Even though we specialize in property sales in Paddock Wood, our experienced team has lots of experience in selling luxury homes not only in London, but virtually all over the UK and beyond.

Unlike other home sellers who have only one or two properties to sell at any given time, we have a wide network of property developers, home sellers and financial institutions; giving us a wide array of options in the Paddock Wood Homes market niche. This does imply that at any given time, we would provide you with several homes which are in the market to choose from. With us you can stay rest assured that you will find a home that’s within your budget and falls snugly into your initial plans.

As a company we have learnt over the years, that there is no other more powerful marketing tool than word of mouth, as a matter of fact, a significant amount of our sales have been generated from recommendations from our satisfied clients; our long list of testimonials can attest to this. With this in mind, we take customer care very seriously; always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that all our clients get their dream home. As a client, we not only listen to your demands and concerns; we ensure they are fully addressed to your satisfaction.

At our company, it is our policy to attend to all customer queries without any unnecessary delay. We promise to respond to any client query within the shortest time possible, this is usually within one working day. It is worth mentioning that we don’t just do follow-ups for the sake of raking up our numbers but because for us, client is always king.

We do fully appreciate that buying a paddock wood home is not an everyday affair and in that regard, we strive not only to meet your needs and requirements but to actually surpass them. We pride ourselves in having some of the best homes in the Paddock Wood market. This is not by mistake, but rather due to our diligence. We pay close attention to detail when it comes to homes and disclose facts such as the neighbourhoods zoning, potential easements, liens and any other restrictions related to the property without your insistence; with us, you can be sure of getting it right the first time

To ensure you get the home of your dream, we do provide all our potential clients with a introductory partnership, with no strings attached; just to help you wade through the ever winding and relatively complex field of real estate trading and help you ensure you get the best value for your money.

With prior arrangement, we do organize site visits for our clients, just to make sure all our clients get a feel and touch of the luxury home of their choice; further to this, we do also sit with all our clients and offer them unbiased and objective advice on how best they can achieve their goal of owning a property in the Paddock Wood area; providing them will valuable nuggets of information about the real estate market space which they would most likely not hear from anyone else. That’s how genuine and transparent we are in all our property sales transactions.


Feel free to visit our website Houses for Sale in Paddock Wood, it is easily accessible through various platforms such as Smartphones, tablets and PCs, making it easy for you to check on all the available homes we have on offer even when you are on the move. The site is well designed and easy to navigate. The site does provide users with an easy to use communication channel which is always manned. Our site has lots of angled photographs on the properties we are offering and detailed measurements as well, providing you with a walk through of how the property is structured in addition to providing pictorial evidence; this can save you a great deal of time, ensuring you only physically visit sites which you like.

If you are looking for Kent homes, then feel free and get in touch with us by either visiting our website or giving us a call. As earlier mentioned; our team of experienced professionals will get in touch with you and walk with you through this once in a lifetime undertaking. With us, you can stay rest assured that your concerns are our priority. We make dreams come to life!